The high quality of the Pikto book of The New Yorkers book dummy played no small part in gaining interest at the beginning of the long process towards publication. The Pikto printing was the game changer. At portfolio reviews and one on one meetings with photo industry decision makers, the Pikto book of The New Yorkers had an enormous effect on increasing interest and excitement for The New Yorkers book project. We all know that there is still something truly magical about a book that one can hold in one's hands. As I said, The New Yorkers first originated in physical form as a beautiful book dummy printed by Pikto. Without Pikto as my POD printer at the outset this story might have had a different ending. At long last, I am happy to announce, that The New Yorkers has now been printed in a first edition of 1000 copies. I offer my heartfelt thanks to Pikto for their great customer service, hard work, attention to detail and their artistry." -Robert Herman

   Robert Herman

 The hands-on nature of the course was invaluable- I will be definitely seeking Trina out for more learning opportunities in the future- thank you!

   Victoria Nevill

 My client (the bride) went through the book when she picked it up and she really liked it and was excited to show it to friends and family on the weekend.


 Our choir has returned from our trip to England. While there our director Ian Sadler was able to hand deliver the book you created to the Queen’s correspondence secretary at Buckingham Palace who assured us that the Queen would see it. Thank you for making this happen. All those that have seen the book have been very impressed with its quality. Combined with your wonderful service that helped me through the process, Pikto is the obvious choice for my next project. Thank you again.

   Terry Marklevitz
Stratford Concert Choir

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