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Templates & Alternative layout software

About Our Materials

Adobe Photoshop

You can use our Photoshop templates to design single pages in a few easy steps:

1. Open the page template in Photoshop and design your pages.

2. Flatten your file and save as a JPEG.

3. Upload your pages into the online editor at using the Fast or Full upload option.

4. Drag and drop your layouts on to the desired pages and place as backgrounds.

Download Photoshop Templates

For Photobooks

For Cards


Adobe Indesign

With Adobe InDesign, you can easily prepare and create any book that Pikto offers. With this option, you can directly submit your book to Pikto's FTP. Please note: only PDF files that meet our specifications will be accepted for printing. Special instructions or modifications may incur additional charges.

Download InDesign Templates

For Photobooks

For IRO Photoalbums


Pixellu SmartAlbums

SmartAlbums is a fantastic tool for creating PhotoBooks and features built-in support for our IRO Flushmount Albums. It is a revolutionary photo album design software for professional wedding and portrait photographers.

Pikto Templates Available For:
IRO PhotoAlbums

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Fundy Designer

Fundy Designer is a great tool to get lots of designing done seamlessly. It features built-in support for all of our IRO Flushmount Album sizes. You can design, proof and print all in one application. Express your artistic vision in this fast, fun and powerful ecosystem.

Pikto Templates Available For:
IRO PhotoAlbums

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AlbumStomp is an easy to use, simple and affordable option for creating Photo Albums. It features our IRO Album sizes built right in. You can easily design custom album spreads using AlbumStomp’s super simple drag and drop design functionality.

Pikto Templates Available For:
IRO PhotoAlbums

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